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Gypsum Services

Tirana General Construction Company specializes in providing high-quality Gypsum Services for residential and commercial construction projects. Our team of skilled technicians and craftsmen are experts in the installation of gypsum boards and panels, ceilings, partitions, cornices, and other decorative gypsum elements.

We offer a wide range of gypsum services including gypsum board installation, gypsum ceiling installation, gypsum partitioning, gypsum cornice installation, and gypsum molding installation.

With meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Tirana General Construction Company’s Gypsum Services can transform any interior space into a beautiful and functional work of art.

Whether it’s a new construction project or a renovation, we can provide customized gypsum solutions that meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Ceiling Services

 Tirana General Contracting Company offers a range of different ceiling services, depending on the needs and requirements of the project. Some key services that may be offered could include:

  1. Ceiling installation: This could involve installing new ceilings in a variety of different settings, including offices, retail spaces, homes, and more. The contractor may work with clients to select the right materials and design for their needs, and will ensure that the ceiling is installed properly and securely.
  2. Ceiling repair: If there are any issues with an existing ceiling – such as leaks, cracks, or water damage – the contractor can provide repair services. This might involve patching up small cracks or holes, or replacing larger sections of the ceiling as needed.
  3. Ceiling maintenance: Regular maintenance of ceilings can help to ensure that they remain in good condition over the long-term. This might include things like regular cleaning, re-caulking of joints, and checking for signs of wear and tear.
  4. Custom Ceiling Design: Customized ceiling options such as acoustical ceiling, stretch ceiling, and suspended ceiling could be offered to the clients.
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