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This is one of the most repeatedly asked questions. Since people want to know about the CSI divisions. So, our company caters to diverse CSI divisions if you want to know. These divisions start from Door/Windows, Mechanical, Structural Steel, Plumbing, Insulation, Site work, Finishes, drywall, roofing/flooring, Electrical, to Lumber, etc. Moreover, we also deal in different thermal and moisture protection, Fire suppression, Site work takeoffs, etc. so, you can avail all of the different detailed and accurate estimation services from our company.

Our company has done various projects. It covers almost every type of project. As our company has been working over the years. So, it ranges from residential, commercial, and industrial. For the residential sector, we cater to Single Family Residential, Home Additions, Remodeling, renovation, etc. Similarly, in commercial estimation projects, we have made different Hotels, Fire Stations, Universities and Restaurants, etc.

We do not like to give rough values. Our estimators always work with professional software and provide the exact values. Mostly, blue beam, plan duct, and plan swift are used to quantify the values. These software always provides the précised and accurate values. It greatly helps in crafting the right budget. Moreover, you can easily do your construction process without panicking about the budget. Since when you get all the right material takeoffs values you would be able to craft the exact budget.

Our company provides quality estimators that work on time. These professionals are certified by American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) guidelines and the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) guidelines. In addition, our experts always work according to international standards. This way they provide quality work which you cannot find anywhere.

Yes, before booking the slot, you can also get consultancy from our professionals. Our professionals will provide you with a superb solution. You can take help from our suggestions and can easily conquer your competitors. Moreover, the estimators have a lot of experience, so they know how to cater to the clients fully. Just book the slot and get the consultancy from our skilled estimators. Furthermore, our estimators will help you to win maximum bids.

We accept online payments. For instance, you can pay through PayPal, debit cards, other types of credit cards, etc.

If you are looking for long-term projects, then we are here. Since we have made the monthly packages offered for various clients. If you want to work with us for the long term, you can easily use our services. Going with monthly packages would save 60% of the money.

Yes, we offer small revisions. Therefore, you can easily avail them if you need in any scenario. Moreover, in case of small revisions, we do not charge. However, if you want bigger amendments in such a situation, the charges might vary.

No, we do not deduct any money from the binding agreements.

Yes, our experts always provide suggestions to clients. If you do not have a plan for your work, you can easily consult our estimators. Our experts would give you the absolute solution which would make your dream construction into reality. You can take advantage of our strategy and can easily do the construction. At the same time, while uploading the plan, you just have to share your thoughts with our experts. Since every project is different, it is very important to look at the project before advising about the plan.

No, you do not need to provide us with a complete drawing design. Our experts have a team of architects, developers, and designers. They would make your complete drawing and complete the design stages. Moreover, for your comfort, we will show you our previous work.

Since we do not believe inaccurate values, therefore, our experts utilize software like plan swift, plan duct, and blue beam to estimate the values. We always provide the values with the appropriate zip codes. So, in this way, you would get the most précised work.

You have to head to our site to upload the project. Once you submit the plans to our site, we will review them. As soon as it is updated, a quote will be generated. The quote would include the invoice slip. Moreover, it is also entitled the delivery time and date.

Furthermore, we are open to negotiating with you. You can chat with us in case you want any amendments.

Though most of the time we offer monthly packages. However, you can also benefit yourself with the hourly packages. These packages would be customized according to your requirements. You have to share the details, the rest of our experts would propose the most suitable package to you.

You have to tell us your name, email, contact number, etc. Moreover, you can also call us directly to share all the details.

privacy Policy

You have to tell us your name, email, contact number, etc. Moreover, you can also call us directly to share all the details.

When you contact us, our representative might ask for all these details from you. So, at every moment, you have to share all the details. You have to tell us your name, email and contact number.

All of the details are confidential. Nobody would get access to them. Our company uses QUICK SECUREBOOKS. It helps protect all of the information. So, you can easily trust us with the details.